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શ્રી ગોવર્ધન દિવ્યદર્શન – શ્રીનાથજી બાબતે વિશ્વમાં સર્વ પ્રથમ

શ્રી ગોવર્ધન દિવ્યદર્શન અનુભૂતિ ને માણો …..
આ લીનક પર થી તમે ડાવનલોડ કરી શકો .
આ લીનક પરથી શ્રીનાથજી બાબતે વિશ્વમાં સર્વ પ્રથમ રજુ કરનાર ..
તમારી રીતે બૂક ને સમજવા। ..
કૃષ્ણ રાધા સંપૂર્ણ વિગત બંશીવટ મહારાસ ……
એક સાથે યુટૂબ પર માણો …શ્રીનાથજી દર્શન… ગૌશાળા દર્શન …
વધુ ટૂંક સમયમાં આવી રહયું છે… જાણવા સંપર્ક માં રહો। …..ફોર્મ ભરી મોકલો
આભાર સહ,

-ડૉ. સુધીર શાહ

जीवन मे एक बार तो जरूर जरूर परिक्रमा करें।
श्रीजी की जय हो। गोवर्धननाथजी की जय हो।

Sacred Gaumata

Importance and true meaning of the sacred Cow, Gaumata, as explained by me. In Hinduism it is considered very important to do sewa for Gaumata.gaumata2-forweb


Shri Govardhan

Book released By Dr.Sudhir Shah


Shri Govardhan

at Jalgaon on 7th December 2014.

Writer : Abha Shahra Shyama


Guru Purnima


About Guru Purnima by Ritesh Kochar

Guru Purnima ( गुरु पूर्णिमा ) is a Hindu festival dedicated to spiritual teachers. This festival traditionally celebrated by Hindus, to thank their Guru ( Spritual Masters ). It is marked by ritualistic respect to the Guru, Guru Puja. The Guru Principle is a thousand times more active on the day of Gurupournima than on any other day. The word Guru is derived from two words, ‘Gu’ and ‘Ru’. The Sanskrit root “Gu” means darkness or ignorance. “Ru” denotes the remover of that darkness.
Therefore one who removes darkness of our ignorance is a Guru.

Gurus are believed by many to be the most necessary part of lives. On this day, disciples offer puja (worship) or pay respect to their Guru (Spiritual Guide). It falls on the day of full moon, Purnima, in the month of Ashadh (June–July) of the Shaka Samvat, Indian national calendar and Hindu calendar.This year Guru Purnima is on 12th July 2014.

“The Divine Guru represents the Unmanifest Form of God”. Gururbrahmaa gururvishnurgururdevo maheshwarah; Guruh saakshaat param brahma tasmai shree gurave namah.

A Guru whose knowledge and wisdom have enlighten me in the journey of my life. This reality I have experienced in the guidance of my Gurushree Dr. Sudhir Shah; as he helped me in my soul understandings along with the required purifications.
The truth about God; I have understood from him, the importance of bhakti and bhao in our prayers, as also the right purity in Mind, Body and Soul. His egoless ness and total surrender to his God ShreeNathji, is exemplary.

After all my experiences from the last nearly 5-6 years, I have realized the truth that God, Guru and Self are one; meaning that my devotion to Guru is also devotion to God as also to the Self within me.

Guru Purnima is a day to remember and thank your Guru, great teachers, spiritual guides – anyone who has been a guide to you. Even your child, a teacher, a friend, God or Guru. We always take something in various form of guidence or blessings from them. The best thing we can offer them on this auspicious occasion of Guru Purnima is to take out some time and Thank to our Guru, God or anyone in whome we have total failth and aastha and also prey for them.

On this auspicious occasion of Guru Purnima I want to thank from the bottom of my heart to my Divine Guru, Gurushree Dr. Sudhir Shah; with whose krupa, Blessings and Guidence I have experienced & understood the real meaning & purpose of life. Also wish to pray for him…

Gurushree Thinking of you with love today and offering a prayer..
that God ShreeNathji will always keep you close within His loving care…

Aap ka Bhala Ho !

Jai Gurushree
Jai Shreeji

-Ritesh Kochar

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