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Pavitra Ekadashi ( Giyaras) Pusti Marg.

Pavitra Ekadashi ( Giyaras)

Shri Mahaprabhuji Garlanded ShreeNathji with Pavitra ( Cotton thread garland ) and offered him misri ( Crystals of sugar ) .

After this divine meeting ShreeNathji disappered.
Shri Mahaprabhuji composed “Shri Madhurastakam ” Praising the form and beauty of Shri Krishn the way He appered before him.
This Divine happening was on Vikram Samvat 1549 (1492 AD ) Shravan Shukla Giyaras (Ekadashi).
This occasion is celebrated as Pavitra Ekadashi. It is also known as the day of the ” Birth of Pusti Marg ” — The path of Grace and Bhakti..

Dr Sudhir Shah na Vandan
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