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बाहर भी हूँ , भीतर भी हूँ , भीतर और बाहर जागृत हूँ l

खुली आंखोसे विचार ,  बन्ध आंखोसे चिन्तन l
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પવિત્ર રહે !!

શરીર પાણીથી પવિત્ર રહે


મન સત્યથી પવિત્ર રહે


આત્મા ધર્મથી પવિત્ર રહે


બુદ્ધિ જ્ઞાનથી પવિત્ર રહે


ડૉ. સુધીર શાહ

Body + Mind + Soul


Janana :  Hu tamane ahiya pan malyoo hatou,

 tyaa pan malyoo hatou,

varamvar kyank ne kyank maltaj rahiye chieye,

atleke hu tamane  janu  tou chouv.

Pahechanana Parantu hu tamane pahechani shakyo nahi !!

  .. ke tame kon chouv ??

“” Jindagi me bahut bar aisa

ho ta hai ke aap kisiko janate to houv,

 parantu usikoo pahechante nahi ho. !! “”


Dr.Sudhir Shah

Words and Thoughts…

You have your spiritual self  in your possession. Some time body gets trapped by negative energies, which are the root cause of ailments.  Spiritual therapist channelizes , your energies back on the right track, by venturing deep within yourself.

As, we all individuals are a part of divinity. By invoking the strength of that divinity through the control over one’s own thoughts, one can shape or change one’s life very strongly. One should attempt to root out all negative thoughts from the mind and concentrate on only the positive ones.

The negative thought patterns ailments are anger, criticism and guilt. It is utterly impossible to maintain a healthy body under such distressed condition. For instance, criticism indulged in over long periods will often lead to disease as arthritis/pain of joints.  Anger turns into things that boil and burn and in the long run infect the body and it also leads to heart ailments. Guilt always seeks punishment and leads to all sorts of pain.

Worry is just about the worst form of self-destructive mental activity. Hatred is the most severely damaging mental activity. It poisons the body and the mind and its effects are almost long lasting.  If you have no will to  live, you are unlikely to have a long life. On the other hand, if you intend to live with a positive mind, you will definitely live a long and healthy life. Thus a person who exercises, meditates and thinks positively, is telling his body that he wants to stay healthy throughout his life.

Think of the experiences in life,  that your wish to be fulfilled. And you will find your thought pattern taking real changes. This phenomenon is called metaphysical causation. This describes the power in the words and thoughts to create experiences,  and  explains the connection between thoughts and your physical self.  Remember, a stiff neck is easily indicative of inflexibility in a person to listen to the other side of an argument.

Change your words and thoughts and watch how your life changes. The Important way to control your life is to control your words and thoughts.

But most important is control your tongue along with words and thoughts.

Dr.Sudhir Shah

Think Positive….

There are no mistakes,

 no coincidences.

All events are blessings

 given to us to learn from.


Helping you to stay balanced,

Emotionally and Spiritually


Dr.Sudhir Shah

………“ Whole “………

It is interesting to know that when you raise your right leg

you are wholly with your right leg,


when you raise your left leg

you are completely with the left leg.

In the same way

you have to be whole when you speak,


you have to be whole when you are silent.



Website Review-by Life Positive..April 2009 issue..

Review-Website 0f "Zero 2 Dot" in Life Positive/April 2009 issue page :72

Life Positive / april 2009 /page 72/ Review of website :

Title : A Personal Journey….

God Bless you all,

Love to all,

 Dr.Sudhir Shah



Body-Mind-Soul = Yantra-Mantra-Tantra

Coming soon……Full detail Article 


Body-Mind-Soul = Yantra-Mantra-Tantra

Dr.Sudhir Shah

Bhagwad Gita by Dr.Sudhir Shah



Bhakti and Parabhakti:  Devotion to God in orders to gain something from Him is Lower Form of Love (Bhakti). Love for the sake of love is the Higher Form of Devotion and is called Parabhakti. It does not matter what is offered to God; a fruit, a flower or a leaf. He accepts all offerings given with love. It is the love of the devotee that counts rather than any formal worship.

Bhagavad Gita has 700 verses in 18 chapters. It contains dialogue between Sri Krishna and Arjuna on the battle field of Kurukshetra. The background is apt as the dialogue concentrates on the use of spirituality in daily context. Arjun is torn between his duty to fight for Justice and his love for his Kinsmen-who he has to fight. He becomes dejected and debates with Sri Krishna that no war can be justified on any grounds. Sri Krishna through this dialogue counvinces him that he has to fight, there is no other way. (samay) Time has come – (samaj) understanding is required (sanjog) situation is created and now the out come as reasult, is the (santosh) Satisfaction.

Gita:  The essential nature of man as “Atma” (self witness). The essential nature of the “Universe” as Brahmand. (God manifesting as everything). Maya is the reason why this essential nature remains hidden. Relationship between “AtmaandBrahmand”. Ideas about: Reincarnation / law of karma, Gunas (Three qualities), four pathways to God or self-realization. Idea of God as the creator and preserver who descends (avatars) on earth for the good of mankind.

Path of Devation:  Worship, Prayers & Meditation is the best path and the easiest to build a relationship with God.

Path of Action: Action is better than inaction. But every action should be to deep knowledge, to the best of your ability suited to your circumstances (SanjogSituation). We have to bear in mind that we are not the real doers-the real “I” is just a witness to all these activities. (Shakshi bhava).

Reincarnation: Atma (soul) does not die with the Body & Mind. The body is just the outer garment, a house (rented house) for the soul, which is discarded when worn out. Wheel of rebirth goes on. The Spiritual progress made in each lifetime is not wasted but helps in the next life. The only things that comes with us when we die are the fruits of our actions and the character we have developed. Reincarnation only stops when we merge with God (Paramatma) also realization of our true self. That is called “Moksha”.

Desire: From desire comes attachment. From attachment comes passion. When passion is not satisfied, it generates anger, from anger arises delusion that causes loss of memory, with loss of memory, wisdom is lost and that brings complete ruin.

Vairagya & Vivek:  Develop a detached attitude. Do not run after objects of senses. Let the mind act as the reins controlling the senses. Let the discriminating faculty direct the mind and keep the desire for objects of pleasure under control. Thus use Vairagya and Vivek and about your primitive nature in search of the “divine”.

Renunciation: The central theme of the Gita is Renunciation. “Work away, but offer the fruits of your actions to God.” We have to realize that the essential “I” is the witness. Renounce the trival – worldly things in order to gain the spirituality.


God can be reached through paths of Knowledge, Action, Devotion and Meditation. One can choose one pathway or any combination of pathways to suit one’s own abilities. We have to begin with 0’ (zero) & we have to merge with ’ (dot), understand the real meaning of your life and be happy. . Jai Shree Krishna

Dr.Sudhir Shah

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