ShreeNathji (શ્રીનાથજી)


We Launched this web site on Guru Purnima day (18-7-2008). do visit this web site and donot forget to visit the First opening page with Flute sound and merged swarup of KrishnRadha as ShreeNathji.

Hope you will like it !!!


Dr.Sudhir Shah na Jai Shree krishn

  1. Jay Shri Krishan

    Excellent Work!!!

    In Pustimarg This types of site is very usefull for all Vaishnav in all over world.

    Becz right now you can just find few site related to Pustimarg.

    And you have given a beautiful gift to all the Vaishanav.

    Keep It…..

    Divyesh Patel

  2. superb presentation. classic work,

  3. Mr. Shah,

    The way the site is created is excellent.

    Not only the presentation, but the information too is worth going through.

    I feel this is the first website on ShreeNathji, where you actuall feel the purity of God.

    The image gallery covering Vrindavan, Nathdwara and other places is amazing.

    I have visited many websites, but none of them has pictorial info like your website has.

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