Divine Anubhuties : Banshivat

Govind – Eldest brother -27 years (age as on 2005) – married- M.A in English.

“Guruji had instructed us to be looking at one spot anywhere.
I concentrated on one round spot on the gate design.
(This gate has written in hindi all over) राधा राधा राधा .
Suddenly after 15-20 minutes the gate began to shine.
I kept on staring at the shinning circle, which grew larger.
Soon the door disappeared and only the circle of light was visible.
It began to shine and in spite of no light I could see a strange chamak (shine)
on the spot which grew larger and became brighter.
There was constant prakash (bright light) on the area.
Soon I could not see anything else – the prakash grew
larger and everything else disappeared”.

Dr.Sudhir Shah




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