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कौटिल्य अर्थशास्त्रम्

लुब्धमर्थेन ग्रहणीयात्‌ स्तब्धमञ्जलिकर्मणा ।
मूर्ख छन्दोऽनुवृत्तेन यथार्थत्वेन पण्डितम्‌ ।।

The following can be won over;
a greedy by offer of money,
a proud person by cowering before him,
a fool by agreeing with him and a scholar
by speaking the truth. ( कौटिल्य अर्थशास्त्रम् )

Divorce and Successful Marriage ..

Divorces :

1st reason : I feel , that the importance of marriage is overlooked now a days. if you truly love your husband /wife , adjustments – forgiveness comes very easily and there is no room for rejections.

2nd reason : There is Non-attachment. Boys and Girls in India from the last many years have started their relations, during school days and college days. They experience many partners before actually getting married. Then they eventually realize the mistake that he/she is worst male/female, i have ever had in my life ( after comparison with their last many boy/girl freinds). Being a basic nature of human beings, we have natural tendency to get attached to the person we think is the best. And to the worst boys/girls get married after having so many affairs and if unfortunately they realized after sometime the person they got married is not at par with their x-mates, their attachment factor becomes negative and nothing then left in their marriage to hold them for decades to come.

3rd reason : There is “NO LOVE” between the partners.

4th reason : Men is still not ready to Respect the Individuality of his better-half, her views, her opinions and hence the result is ‘divorce’.

5th reason : Women are expected to sacrifice, suffer, take patience, forgive, and what not? But for what? Only for social status of being married. Nothing else, No appreciation, No love and Affection, No care for them. They are treated as full time unpaid servants. In the name of duty they are being exploited to the core. Welfare of women is only on papers. Even the highly educated and employed girls are suffering untold miseries silently.

6th reason : Playing Blame games. As we all can see, men are blaming women for divorce and vice versa. There is no more understanding and hence no more love and patience.

If they understand the concept of marriage very well and its importance there are high chances that one would not walk out of a marriage. There needs to be sense of responsibility and understanding that whatever happens between a men and a woman in a marriage is entirely due to them and that they should have the maturity to dissolve the differences thus created rather than blaming the other partner. Ego -Ego and Ego….

7th reason : For all kind of bonding, “Love” is the strongest force which is almost gone from the Relationships.

8th reason : The Terms “compromises” and “adjustments” have all flown out of the window. Some compromise in the life every one has to do. You cannot get everything, both the partner has to understand this. otherwise divorce.

other Reasons Are:

Lack of communication. Unavailability of time to spend with each other.(Main reason), Excessive responsibility of family and bussiness.(Money-Money-money mantra)

Doubting and quarelling nature leads to dissatisfaction. People start forgetting the ethics and moral values of relationships in the life. Loss of credibility, trust and attachment between the partners. Demand of dowry from bride groom’s family leads to unhappiness and distractions.(Now a days dowry is less ) Mismatching of partners creates sorrow, arguments and clashes. hence ultimatelly divorce.

Love stands for endurance, acceptance, respect, regard, warmth, help, moral support, emotional support and above all , in love you are ought to take hurt not give.

My final conclusion of 33 years of experience as a Councillor : I can say,

(1) Remember money part is not important, but “Love ” is more important to a women.

(2) “Give Respect Take Respect ” is the ‘ Master key ‘ for Successful Marriage.

(3) Successful Marriage stands on Truth, Joy , Love & Trust .

(4) In marriage : M stands for Merging – આત્મસમર્પણ

A stands for Ambition – મહત્વકાંક્ષા

R stands for Respect – સનમાન

R stands for Response – આવકાર (સ્વાગત)

I stands for Intimacy – ગાઢ એક્યતા

A stands for Assurance – વિશ્વાસ

G stands for Gaiety – આનંદ

E stands for Eternity – શાસ્વતા

if you follow and respect the above meaning of MARRIAGE you are Successful in Marriage.

(5) Last but not the list, my favourite slogan : Time + Understanding + Situation = Satisfaction. So Spend maximum Time together, Understand eachother, and at any Situation bondage is important, so that Marriage is fruitful in satisfaction.

Be happy,

Dr.Sudhir Shah

note: above article was published on 24-12-2008 on my blog post, again today 21-7-2014 publishing for the benefit of readers.

क्या यह ” कलियुग ” का प्रभाव है !!??

क्या यह ” कलियुग ” का प्रभाव है !!??

एक सोचने वाली बात है, की एैसा क्यों हो रहा है !!??
जवाहरलाल नहेरु और सरदार पटेल मैसे जवाहरने राज किया
और सरदार पटेल जैसे व्यक्ति बहार रहे !!
सुभाषचन्द्र बोस आज़ाद हिन्द फ़ौज वाले बहार रहे !!
ऐसे बहुत सारे उदाहरण के रूप बता सकते है।

एक आजके समय की ताजी बात है , की
डॉ. सुब्रमनियन स्वामी जैसे काबील व्यक्ति कैबिनेट
से बहार है। डॉ स्वामी को फाइनेंस मिनिस्टर
बनाना जरूरी था, परन्तु हो सकता है की वो
बहुत सारी जिम्मेदारी कोर्ट के मुदो को सुलज़ाने मे
व्यस्त हो !! और शायद यही वजह है की वो कैबिनेट
से बहार हो !!??

समय रहते (तुला का शनि गोचरमे ) हमें श्री नरेन्द्र मोदी
और डॉ. सुब्रमनियन स्वामी जैसे व्यक्ति मिले है, और एक
उम्मीद की किरण दिखने मिली है। शायद कलियुग के
प्रभाव मे थोड़ी सी राहत मिले !! अच्छे दीन को जरूर
६० महीनेमें लाने मे कामयाब हो , वो ही दुवा के साथ

डॉ. सुधीर शाह

Guru Purnima


About Guru Purnima by Ritesh Kochar

Guru Purnima ( गुरु पूर्णिमा ) is a Hindu festival dedicated to spiritual teachers. This festival traditionally celebrated by Hindus, to thank their Guru ( Spritual Masters ). It is marked by ritualistic respect to the Guru, Guru Puja. The Guru Principle is a thousand times more active on the day of Gurupournima than on any other day. The word Guru is derived from two words, ‘Gu’ and ‘Ru’. The Sanskrit root “Gu” means darkness or ignorance. “Ru” denotes the remover of that darkness.
Therefore one who removes darkness of our ignorance is a Guru.

Gurus are believed by many to be the most necessary part of lives. On this day, disciples offer puja (worship) or pay respect to their Guru (Spiritual Guide). It falls on the day of full moon, Purnima, in the month of Ashadh (June–July) of the Shaka Samvat, Indian national calendar and Hindu calendar.This year Guru Purnima is on 12th July 2014.

“The Divine Guru represents the Unmanifest Form of God”. Gururbrahmaa gururvishnurgururdevo maheshwarah; Guruh saakshaat param brahma tasmai shree gurave namah.

A Guru whose knowledge and wisdom have enlighten me in the journey of my life. This reality I have experienced in the guidance of my Gurushree Dr. Sudhir Shah; as he helped me in my soul understandings along with the required purifications.
The truth about God; I have understood from him, the importance of bhakti and bhao in our prayers, as also the right purity in Mind, Body and Soul. His egoless ness and total surrender to his God ShreeNathji, is exemplary.

After all my experiences from the last nearly 5-6 years, I have realized the truth that God, Guru and Self are one; meaning that my devotion to Guru is also devotion to God as also to the Self within me.

Guru Purnima is a day to remember and thank your Guru, great teachers, spiritual guides – anyone who has been a guide to you. Even your child, a teacher, a friend, God or Guru. We always take something in various form of guidence or blessings from them. The best thing we can offer them on this auspicious occasion of Guru Purnima is to take out some time and Thank to our Guru, God or anyone in whome we have total failth and aastha and also prey for them.

On this auspicious occasion of Guru Purnima I want to thank from the bottom of my heart to my Divine Guru, Gurushree Dr. Sudhir Shah; with whose krupa, Blessings and Guidence I have experienced & understood the real meaning & purpose of life. Also wish to pray for him…

Gurushree Thinking of you with love today and offering a prayer..
that God ShreeNathji will always keep you close within His loving care…

Aap ka Bhala Ho !

Jai Gurushree
Jai Shreeji

-Ritesh Kochar

4 Elements


Dr. Subramanian Swamy says….watch..

आप सभी को विनंती है की यहाँ दे हुए लिंक पर जाके ,
आदरणीय श्री डॉ. सुब्रमनियन स्वामी क्या कहते हैं ,
वो सुने – समजे और फिर शेर करे।
Must for every indian to understand this….
so invest your time to watch this and try to understand
what Dr. Subramanian Swamy says..after understanding
if you like – share it ..

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