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समझदार को इशारा काफी है।


Baba Ramdev & Dr. Sudhir Shah at Kalibari in 1989

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It was 4th January 1989 see more details on :સુહાની-યાદેં/suhani-yade-35/

Shocking Fact – Price of 1 Vote :

Shocking Fact – Price of 1 Vote :

Money Spent by Indian Govt on Your Family in 1 Term
In the next 5 year term, Indian Government will spend 6.68 Lakh rupees on YOUR Family.
Would you give away your Top end Swift Zxi Car to any stranger?

This is exactly what happens when you Do NOT register to vote.

As per Indian budget of 2012-13, the Spending of Indian Central Govt and all State Govt together was 28.33 Lakh crore rupees.

Every year the expenditure of Indian Government has been increasing by 15%. To estimate future expenditure of govt, we shall assume a conservative 10% rise per year.
India’s population is 125 crore people.
So money spent on 1 person by the govt in next term 2014-19 =

209.27 Lakh Crore rupees = 1.67 Lakh rupees
125 crore

An average family has 4 members (Parents and 2 children).
So money spent on 1 family is 1.67 * 4 = 6.68 Lakh Rupees

And this does not mean an Upper Middle Class family like yours. Even the poorest families which are very poor, homeless and starving; government is spending 6.68 Lakh rupees on them also.

We can clearly see that the government has enormous amount of money and resources.
Just imagine what an Able and Honest leader can do in just 5 years.

Please register as a voter. India needs educated and aware voters like you, so that honest and able leaders are able to win elections.


More Detail Visit :—price-of-1-vote.html


Dr Sudhir Shah



Shri Narendra Modi


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