Banshivat Maharaas Sthali ( Sharad Purnima )

Purnima of Ashwin Shukl Paksh is called Sharad Purnima.

The day is also referred as Rasa Purnima or Raas Lila Day.

Sharad Purnima Moon
It is considered that the Moon and Earth are at a closer distance on Sharad Purnima night and the rays of the moon have several curative properties. So it is believed that eating food (specially ‘kheer’) that has been exposed to the moonlight for a few hours, nourishes the body and soul.

The religious significance, of this beautiful night, as described in the Shreemad Bhagvadji, is the divine MahaRaas Leela played by Thakurjee Shree Radha Krishn; at Shree Vrindavan Dham many thousands of years ago, on Sharad Purnima night.

That famous Sthal today at Vrindavan, is known as Banshi Vat.

Banshivat is Thakurjee’s most loved Raas leela sthal….

Banshivat Maharaas Sthali

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