Jupiter ( Guru – Bruhaspati ) enters Vrishabha – વૃષભ ( Taurus ).

Jupiter ( Guru – Bruhaspati ) enters Vrishabha – વૃષભ ( Taurus )
on 17th May 2012 at 9.37 am and remain till 4th June 2013.
In Vedic Astrology, Jupiter is considered as a Protector..
A Teacher.. Karak of Wisdom.. Karak of  2nd, 5th, 9th and 11 the houses in Horoscope.
How Jupiter will effect Various Signs.(Rashi) from Mesh to Meen.
Mesh             .. Source of income and favourable for wealth.support from elders…over all Gain Time.
Vrishabha   .. New Challenges..and changes ..New Karma Starts for another 12 years planning….
                           Patience..inclined more towards Spirituality..
Mithun         .. completing Debths…clearing past karms..relief from chronic diseases.
Kark             ..  Auspicious.. Favourable.. Happiness.
Simha          ..   Accept that small help from a small person is also helpful. little bit unfavourable but do your karma.
Kanya          ..   Journey..family happiness..Support.
Tula             ..   More understanding will develop.. hard work will pay latter.
Vruschik    ..    All Progressive..Promotions..Recognition..Enjoy the time.
Dhan          ..    Everything Good except health..
Makar        ..   Auspicious time..Time to set in life..Marriage.
Kumbh       ..   Accident Time..Unfavourable time but continue with your Good Karm..Income/Expenditure.
Meen          ..   Good Time..Start and Plan for further 12 years of life..favourable period.
Dr. Sudhir Shah

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