Suhani Yade…28

Today, the day is 11-02-2011, and its My Birthday.

Let me take you back by 21 years, when the day was 11-02-1990.

This is one of the most Cherished Day out of several memorable days of my life.

I am sharing the same with you all.

Hope you will bond with me to experience the euphoria of such accomplishments.

Enjoy…….My Suhani Yadein…………………

Dr.Sudhir Shah


Snehal Vandan

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  1. Happy Birthday, Sudhirbhai !
    11th February is your Birthday.
    And you took us all to February of 1990 when you had the “recognition” Award.
    Congratulations !

    DR. CHANDRAVADAN MISTRY (Chandrapukar)

    ૧૧મી ફેબ્રુઆરીનો શુભ દિવસ,

    યાદ રહે “સુધીરજીવન”માં એ દિવસ,

    આવે ફરી ફરી એ જ દિવસ,

    ચંદ્રપ્રાર્થના રહે એવી હર દિવસ,


  2. Wish you late late happy birthday and wish you long healthy life.

    I saw your blog first time today. It is a nice blog.

    Pravin Shah

  3. Jai Shree Krishna Sudhirbhai.

    Wish you Happy Birthday from Zala Family.

    Thanks for sharing memorable pictures with us.


  4. wish you very happy birthday…

  5. hello Sir,

    wish you many many happy returns on your birthday.:) i only pray God to give you best of health wealth prosperity and long life. wish you have a good life ahead…. take care.

    with lots of love and wishes,

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