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વિધાતાની મહેરબાની જો ખરે ! શાને ડરે ?

યમરાજ છો ગુસ્સે થતો, પરવા નથી ! તે શું કરે ?

કોઇ જન્મે મહાન છે, કોઇ પ્રયત્ને મહાન છે !

 કોઇને કહેતી વિધાતા, ઊઠ, અરે તું મહાન છે !!






 Matheran is the closest hill station to Mumbai.

Matheran Photography by Dr.Sudhir Shah

Samay + Samaj + Sanjog = Santosh

Wrapped up with Samay + Samaj + Sanjog = Santosh

Me and My Samay + Samaj + Sanjog = Santosh

Budee budee, that’s all Samay + Samaj + Sanjog = Santosh

The Top pick.. Samay + Samaj + Sanjog = Santosh

Smart people choose Samay + Samaj + Sanjog = Santosh

Saved by Samay + Samaj + Sanjog = Santosh

I see Samay + Samaj + Sanjog = Santosh in your Future

Dr. Sudhir Shah


People are rejecting each other, Why ??

People might reject you because they donot know you, they donot know your capabilities and  the fact is,  they might assume that you are just like them and so they think that you canot do what they failed to do !

in normal way, If  he/she  failed to do a certain thing then most likely he/she  will tell you that you canot do it too !

But The Facts are..The Truth are..

1. Some people might reject you if they felt that you are a Threat to them.

2. Some people might put you down out of  Jealousy.

3. Some  may try to Criticize you so that you remain in your comfort zone instead of  doing things that they never did before.

4. After all if anyone were stuck in the system and were following each other like a herd, then they wouldnot want to see someone doing something different, because they will feel extremely Insecured and Frustrated, if  he Succeeded !!.

5. But the major fact is …people rejects you because of their own personal flaws and not because of anything that is related to you…

The fact is always a fact and the Truth is always a Truth.

They donot know you…neither they donot want to know you…They are ener and outer  blind…they donot know your capabilities…!!, they donot have these qualities in them selves.

Remember….Rejecting is not the Master Key….the Real Master Key is Pahechan, who are You !!…

Remember ..selfish people will use you and through you as soon as their work is…!!  , but they donot understand that every one knows their tacttiks, once they experiences…

Important Key : Creat your own Jan/Pahechan….you donot require any Platforms…

Dr.Sudhir Shah

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