One who has turned his life into a bundle of hurts and wounds is going to be the cause of much suffering in the lives of many people around him. Since suffering has become his life’s breath, wherever he goes he will carry the germs of suffering with him. So an unhappy man does not suffer alone, he shares his sorrow with everybody  he comes in contact with. Walking or Sitting, Speaking or Silent, Active or Inactive, he emits and transmits the vibes of unhappiness like nuclear fallout all around him. An unhappy person really adds to the unhappiness of the whole world.


Allways Remember, we can share with others only that which we have, not what we don’t have.

Dr.Sudhir Shah


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  1. yes…Dr. Sudhirbhai

    The person who has not won ..is not defeated.
    Thats the sprit. I appreciate the thoughts you are spreading.

  2. I read very carefully, and understood important and value of beautifull life.
    Specially article about VALUE was touched my heart.
    Very meaning full.
    Article about being a positive thinking is great.
    I am trying to think positively.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us.

    Deepa Zala-USA

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