….Flowers and Thorns….

Life consists of both pleasure and pain, happiness and misery. And it depends on us what we choose to see and take. My own understanding is that if someone sees rightly and loves rose flowers, then soon the thorns on the rosebush will disapper from his sight. Eyes attuned to the beauty and fragrance of the flower don’t take notice of the thorns. Not that the thorns disapper from the bush; they become part and parcel of the grandeur of the roses, and one sees them as something protecting the roses.They are really to protect the flowers, not to hurt anyone.

But if someone sees only thorns he will miss the flowers. He will say, “How can there be any flowers in the midst of so many piercing thorns and thistles?” He cannot even think of flowers where thorns abound, for him thorns became the truth and flowers disappear like dreams.

But for a lover of flowers, thorns become illusory and flowers the truth.


Possitive people sees roses/flowers, Negative people sees thorns, Confused people not understands anything-just they argue….& trying to apply logic.!!

Dr.Sudhir Shah

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  1. You have rightly explained everything in the simple language.
    ajit mehta

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